Our Passion

Building Planning Excellence that impacts your financials and our planet

We love to see an increased focus on sustainability, and we truly believe that Planning Excellence can contribute. With a “plan” as such we don’t capture CO2, transform waste, recycle packaging or generate green energy, but we can visualize a company’s financial & sustainability performance and explore alternatives in sourcing, production, distribution and even product (and customer) portfolio.

What is Planning Excellence?

Achieving Planning Excellence has become a core capability for many organizations. But what is Planning Excellence… ? Well, we define it as a means to navigate a company towards success and help execute upon their strategy. This obviously requires an aligned view on “the future” across many stakeholders (Commercial, Finance, Supply Chain, HR, …) and so we need a single set of numbers to look at from different perspectives. Does that mean we can not deviate from these numbers? Of course not, we need scenarios and simulations to be prepared for course changes and navigate the ship towards the company goals.

How can we help?

We are niche experts in Integrated Business Planning with a unique combination of Supply Chain planning, Financial planning and Commercial planning expertise. This unique blend of functional expertise, allows us to truly transform your planning and decision-making process and the performance of your organization.

We are full-service provider in Planning Excellence transformations

Experiencing challenges with your company’s planning capabilities? Good news: we have all the talent inhouse to tackle any challenge in your path towards Planning Excellence. Implementing machine-learning forecasting models, optimizing your inventory parameters, building FP&A reports or driving large-scale planning transformations: we support you all the way!

Supply Chain Planning

We connect demand, inventory, supply, production, S&OP and financials for true integrated business planning that aligns the entire supply chain and produces resilient, accurate plans.


We’ve led >10 global S&OP / IBP process and tool implementations. From visioning, global design to UAT testing and end user trainings…we’ve done it all!

Demand Planning

We design and implement robust demand planning processes, and develop tailored ML-driven forecasting models to achieve unprecedented forecasting accuracy.

Inventory Optimization

Meeting service levels without tying up too much capital in your stock is a tough balancing act. We develop tailored inventory optimization models that reduces your inventory by up to 30% while keeping the same service level.

Supply Network Planning

Developing production, replenishment, and purchasing plans that are capacity and supply feasible across the network and aligned with business priorities is the core process within supply chain planning.

Production Scheduling

Translating weekly or daily bucketed supply plans into sequenced and executable production schedules ensures an effective planning-to-execution hand-off.

Customer and Supplier Collaboration

Coordinating with customers and/or suppliers on anticipated demand across the network creates win-win situations to improve overall supply chain performance.

Financial Planning & Analytics

Drive profitability and growth, manage risks, contain costs and support resource allocation decisions with game-changing FP&A and unified decision-making across finance, strategy and operations.

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting

Speed up your reaction time and make faster decisions. We help you to connect granular financial and operational, so you get more accurate forecasts and better predict your costs.

Cash Flow Planning & Analysis

Get control of your cash. Our tailored-made models enables helps you to analyze the impact of business changes on cash flow forecasts as they occur, while giving you visibility into your net financial position.

Profitability Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing what drives profitable growth. We enable you to evaluate the revenue generating potential and cost effectiveness of every initiative, customer, product line, and activity by giving you greater insight into the drivers impacting profitability.

ESG & Sustainability Performance Management

Balance short-term financial performance with long-term sustainability. With insight into the cause and effect of ESG initiatives on financial outcomes, you’ll create plans that serve ESG objectives, satisfy stakeholders, and make decisions that improve your bottom line.

Manufacturing Cost Planning & Control

Align operations and finance. We support you in allocating costs by product, calculate the purchase costs, standard production cost, closing inventory and COGS and see their impact on P&L by plant and group.

Financial Reporting

With our combined financial and modeling expertise, we accelerate and simplify your management reporting processes – so your finance department can work more effectively to ensure consistent, reliable data and faster monthly reporting cycles.

Commercial Planning

Knowing where and when to invest effectively isn’t easy, especially when faced with simultaneous supply, demand, and digital disruptions. We help you to predict your revenue and drive optimal sales performance so you can meet all your growth KPI’s.

Sales Performance
Pricing & Promotions Optimization
Merchandise Planning

Plan better. Reduce waste. Create an efficient business for a better planet.