How we work with you

Results, not just better processes.

When discussing about Planning Excellence & Sustainability, companies want results, not just better processes or tools. With the right ambition, it is possible to make improvements that truly transform the performance of your organization and create even more fulfilling roles for your planning experts. We firmly believe in a “together” approach: we can act as coaches to support you in tackling specific problems or we create blended project teams to infuse business & functional knowledge and get things done.

And where does all that knowledge come from? Everyone at Statera has played major roles in improving business performance through successful transformational projects. They all had senior positions at well-known companies across industries. They will use their real-world experience to ensure your people, business processes and technology are fully aligned and integrated right across your organization.

They will coach, guide and inspire your people to drive change throughout your organization, which results in a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We promise a practical, no-nonsense approach without using consultants’ jargon, focusing on simplifying complexity throughout your business and getting tangible results.

Services we offer

A perfect blend of consultancy, planning solutions, and data science

We are proud to have launched the first – yes, we’re claiming it – center of expertise in Planning Excellence & Sustainability. We specialize and focus on the integration between Supply Chain, Finance and Commercial Planning. 

We empower your organization with all the capabilities needed to transform your supply chain, commercial, financial, and sustainability decision-making. Planning process improvements, implementing advanced planning solutions, building tailored ML-forecasting models or managing large-scale end-to-end planning transformations… we support you all the way and unlock your business’ true potential!


Our people have experienced good – and sometimes bad – things during planning projects. That’s true, we don’t have everything in our hands and we sometimes make wrong decisions, but we get stronger and can fall back on experiences.

By now, we know well how to approach planning projects, from an isolated inventory diagnostic to a full-blown transformation of supply chain, financial and commercial functions, processes or technologies.

We only propose our services if we believe that we can add value to your company, so that means we’ll come with the required experience. Advisory projects require project teams with the right seniority and that’s one of our differentiators… in line with our core value “Mastery”, it’s very close to our heart. And it’s exactly that mastery that enables us to propose solutions that fit the identity of your company.

Training & Education

Statera is founded on the philosophy that educated people make educated decisions. It is the people within your organization that will ultimately ensure business excellence through their drive for continuous improvement and sustainable results.

We offer a comprehensive range of trainings, tailored to meet your organization’s specific business objectives. Our trainers have experience teaching at universities and conducting educational workshops at well-known companies across the globe. Our aim is to enhance your learning and, in turn, your business

Demand Planning & Statistical Forecasting
Supply Chain Strategy & S&OP
Inventory Optimization
IBP Game
(The Fresh Connection)

Planning Solutions

We choose to implement only a few selected and complementary planning solutions where we truly believe in. Our strategic partners are next level, state-of-the-art planning platforms that allows us to make a real difference for our clients. Our focus on these vendors guarantees we deliver you value with our experienced implementation consultants.

We offer the expertise, experience and hands on mentality to get your planning system designed, operational and boost performance. We support you during the whole transformation:

  • Visioning & business case
  • Global design (process, organization, data, tool)
  • Detailed design
  • Value realization
  • Business and data integration
  • Test coordination
  • Training & education to ensure system adoption

Planning Excellence with Pigment

Pigment is a business-owned platform that provides ground-breaking technological capabilities to help companies achieve their Connected Planning ambitions through leading Planning, Simulation and Analytics capabilities.

Pigment was founded in 2019, out of their Paris headquarters, to fill the increasing gap created by the stagnant Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) industry. Pigment serves some of the most successful and fast-growing organizations in the world, including Webhelp, Gong, Figma, Brex, and Carta, and has secured a total of $170 million in funding. Way to go!

Through our partnership with Pigment, we create tailor-made Financial, Commercial and Workforce Planning models for our joint clients. It seamlessly allows them to connect operational, financial commercial and HR plans – with as well their sustainability targets – to enable better & faster decision-making.

Intrigued? Let us show what Planning Excellence looks like !

The power of Unison Planning™

Our relationship with OMP goes way back. Our consultants have worked for OMP or have delivered successful large-scale end-to-end supply chain planning transformations for more than 10 years. Together we have implemented state-of-the-art supply chain planning solutions to global customers in life sciences, CPG and chemicals.

Demand sensing, S&OP, MEIO, network design, production scheduling, available-to-promise… we successfully implemented all these solutions. Our partnership showcases great synergy in skills and knowledge, where profound OMP Unison Planning™ knowledge is combined by in-depth industry process, organization and data expertise taking planning performance to unprecedented levels.

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Advanced Analytics & Model Building

Sometimes your challenge is so unique, it requires a specific mix between data science expertise and planning expertise that only Statera data scientists possess. It could be financial planning & analytics, multi-echelon inventory optimization hundreds of thousands of SKUs, or a MF-powered forecasting models.

We love nothing more than picking up the glove on a challenge like this. We offer off-the-shelf forecasting and planning models, powered by our data science experts. Together we deploy tailor-made models at global customers in retail, life sciences, CPG and chemicals – so they can make more data-driven decisions.

We are there to support and coach you on-the-job in using the models for your planning purposes.

ML-Powered Demand Forecasting
Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization
Optimize Supply Planning Parameters
Tailored FP&A Reports and Models

Planning as a Service

Who has time for a multi-year transformation? By connecting to our models and services your planning performance gets an instant boost while you can share your future at your own pace.

Let us assist you with advanced forecasting and inventory optimization expertise to create a step-change improvement. We increase forecast accuracy and reduce bias, lower inventories and improve service levels.

How does it work? Just gives us your data and we leverage our models powered by the latest ML techniques to generate the demand forecast and inventory parameters that can be uploaded in any planning solution (SAP IBP, BlueYonder, Anaplan, etc.). We guarantee a fast breakthrough in forecast accuracy (up to 30% error reduction).

Ad Interim Support

Is your planning giving you headaches? Are your own planners overloaded? Are you in the middle of an organizational transition and in need of temporary additional planning power? We provide interim talent and expertise to realize the full potential of your planning processes until the team you need is firmly secured.