Hi, we are Statera.

We are damn proud to have launched the first – yes, we’re claiming it – center of expertise in Planning Excellence & SustainabilityHow are we doing it? By building a team of TOP consultants, former business leaders, data scientists and technologists – all under one roof!

What binds us is our passion to help organizations develop intelligent, connected planning capabilities. From supply chain planning, financial planning, commercial planning, workforce planning to data modelling and tailor-made solutions… we support you all way and unlock your business’ true potential!

Our mission

The disruptions of the last few years have pushed the planning functions (finally) into the spotlight. Organizations with superior, integrated planning capabilities are better equipped to make the right decisions and succeed in this new reality. But it means much more. Global supply chains are the largest consumers of Earth’s resources. Better, faster planning and decision-making means organizations are able to realize their financial goals while using less of Earth’s precious resources.

By empowering organizations with all the capabilities needed to achieve Planning Excellence, we enable them to increase customer satisfaction, improve financials and realize their sustainability ambitions.

Our vision

We aspire to become one of the most innovative and reputable full-service provider for end-to-end planning transformations. Through our business model of spin-offs and partnerships we want to stimulate innovation and develop a unique ecosystem of tailored solutions and services. This makes us uniquely positioned to support our clients in their journey towards Planning Excellence.

On top of that, we want to play a significant role in democratizing Planning Excellence by making what was only accessible to the world’s largest companies available to businesses of any size.

Our values

We shape and lead our company based on 3 core values

No Nonsense…We are Pure

We are humble, yet dare to challenge our clients, our alliance partners and ourselves. We’ll always give honest feedback, encouragement, and recommendations to make sure we reach your goals together. We don’t just talk… we roll up our sleeves to get things done.

Gratitude…We have a Purpose

We want to do good and give back to believers, economy and society. We enable our employees to hunt for their own individual purpose, we only embark on projects if we believe that we can add value and we have company-wide initiatives to contribute to the good cause.

Mastery… We breathe Planning

We master our métier and are experienced in what we do. Our people have a passion for planning, at least in professional live. With hunger to innovate we challenge the status quo, connect the planning dots across departments and support in its execution.

Why you'll love working with us

01. the mindset of a start-up

We started out in 2022 so everything and everyone is new here. Well… sort of. A lot of us are already seasoned business professionals, but we’re all here to shape the company and contribute to our story.

Statera seeks to serve as a catalyst for the development of new technologies and services. We encourage you to follow your passion and entrepreneurship, and give you the opportunity to launch your own spin-off. Do you have an innovative idea? Great! Before you know it, you might be CEO of your own company!

02. work with the best and have impact!

All of us are highly trained and masters in their field. Together we work alongside iconic companies to deliver ground-breaking innovative projects, where all the time, your enthusiasm and entrepreneurship are both revered and rewarded.

By building an unique center of expertise in business planning we empower organizations with game-changing planning and decision-making capabilities that lead to better financial results – and a more sustainable world.

03. experience the human side of consultancy

Aah boring and impersonal performance reviews, ridiculous quarterly sales targets,  “up or out” principles, who does not to like them? Well, we don’t! Our #1 priority is our people and company culture. We believe that by cultivating a culture that is based on collaboration, trust and humour – most of the other stuff, like delivering great service, will be a natural byproduct. 

Plus, we’re allergic to boring consulting formats. Expect boldness. Expect adventure. Expect passion and experiences that don’t feel like work. It’s this vibe that gives us energy.