Because Planning Excellence impacts your financials and our planet

Statera offers a center of expertise in Connected Planning & Sustainability

From supply chain planning, financial planning, commercial planning to data modelling, training and tailor-made solutions… we support you all the way and unlock your business’ & sustainability true potential!

Hi, we are Statera

A tribe of forward-thinking consultants, business leaders, and technologists who share a passion for Planning Excellence and Sustainability. We have held positions at well-known companies and played major roles in E2E planning transformations.

Peter De Labey
Supply Chain Planning

Peter is our internal Supply Chain Planning professor. He has led many planning transformations, makes integration between planning processes look easy and has in-depth knowledge of supporting software packages

Jérôme Libioul
Financial Planning & Sustainability

Jérôme held various leadership positions including Business Development and Finance in the Life Sciences industry. Before that, he was a Director in a global consultancy, leading Business Finance programs.

Kristien Baerts
Supply Chain Planning

Kristien held various Supply Chain Planning positions in the industry as well as in Consulting, and has supported several large-scale Supply Chain Planning transformations across industries. 

Alicia Schweisthal
Supply Chain & Sustainability

Alicia offers a blend of supply chain planning and sustainability experience, which she built up during 6 years at Deloitte. She has supported various transformation journeys and led the implementations of process and tools.

Axel Gérard
Financial Planning

Axel has a civil engineer background, combined with deep experience in financial planning and strategic project management. He was previously manager at EY in the CFO consulting – finance transformation team. 

This is what we do

Statera is a consultancy startup in Planning Excellence & Sustainability

Our focus

We are niche experts in Integrated Business Planning. We specialize and focus on the integration between Supply Chain, Finance, and Commercial Planning.

Our passion

Helping organizations across industries transform their supply chain, commercial, finance and sustainability decision-making – so they realize better financial results while being better stewards of Earth’s resources. We empower organizations with all capabilities needed to achieve Planning Excellence & Sustainability by offering advisory services, technology implementations, advanced analytics & model building, interim support and trainings.

Some project examples

A perfect blend of consultancy, planning solutions and data science

Global S&OP and IBP implementations

We’ve led 10+ Global S&OP / IBP transformations. From initial roadmap & design, process and organizational design to implementation, solution testing and end user trainings… we’ve done it all!

ML-driven Demand Forecasting

We delivered ML-driven forecasting models worldwide for retailers and manufacturers. Typical results: 15 to 30% forecast accuracy improvement!

The F(x)P&A revolution

Financial Planning, Cash flow planning, Revenue planning, Manufacturing cost planning, CAPEX planning…we’ve helped multiple companies get full financial control with state-of-art processes and tailor-made solutions.

Inventory Optimization

We leverage our in-house created machine-learning based models to assess and reduce inventory by up to 25% while keeping the same service level.

Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP)

We’ve built models to improve the MFP processes that resulted in >5% margin increase due to less excess inventory, less markdowns and less stock-outs

Pricing & Commercial Excellence

We help leading companies in identifying addressable revenue linked to price increases – which is a core component of Commercial Excellence (in particular with high inflation!)

Our awesome partners

What would Planning Excellence & Sustainability be without world-class technology partners?

We are proud to have signed exclusive partnerships with leading & complementary companies – in line with our long-term ambition to build an ecosystem of services and solutions, so we can tackle any planning challenge together.

Connected Planning

Finance, Commercial, Workforce and Supply Chain

Supply Chain Planning

The power of Unison Planning™

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